API features


The Cdiscount Marketplace was built around the following concepts:


  • Seller : A seller represents a partner merchant that chose Cdiscount’s websites to offer and sell his products online. Once a customer put an order, the seller is responsible for manage it.
  • Product : A product represents an object, possibly sold by one or different merchants. For example, a smartphone of a given brand has specific features and is unique but can be sold for different sellers, so in Cdiscount’s website will exist only one product available for sale and all search tools and other sellers can subscribe an offer for it (see concept of an offer below).
  • Offer : The concept of offers may be defined as the intersection between the concept of product and the concept of seller: each vendor define an offer to a given product, by providing for example its selling price, its delivery price …
  • Order : A order is made when a visitor of Cdiscount.com proceed a purchase of one or more offers.