Manage External Fulfilment


External orders methods need to be called in a specified order to insure the minimum rejects.

Methods to use

For external orders methods, you need to use these 3 methods:

STEP1: Create your external order using : CreateExternalOrder
CreateExternalOrder main controls list *
Field Controls
Civility M
CorporationName Autre
Customer.LandlinePhoneNumber Size < 10, you do not need to add the country telephone code to the phone number for international shipments.
Customer.CellPhoneNumber Size < 10
STEP2: Check integration and error messages using check: GetExternalOrderStatus

STEP3: Get your order number, tracking number and delivery date using : GetOrderList

The ShippingPostalCode you indicate must match with the ShippingCountry. For International Shipments, please make sure to replace FR in the ShippingCountry by de delivery country of your customer. You will find below the list of available countries.