How to connect to the API

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How to connect to the API

Once you have setup your account you are ready to do your first authenticated connection.

In this section, we propose you to proceed manually step by step to your first connection. Then, you will be able to adapt your system to call the Cdiscount Marketplace API.


The choices available to you

You have the choice between 2 connection options, either you choose to delegate the management of your flows to an integrator, or you manage your flows yourself.

You want to delegate

If you choose to use a flow integrator, you can consult the page of our partners here to find yours.

Manage your own flows:

You want to generate your own feeds, find below the tools necessary to install your environment.



  • Install Postman

    For install postman you do download it here and just follow step next

  • Add Your new Collection

    Once installed, you must go to new and add a new collection

  • Add new request
    A Request to the token
    1. Specify the URL of the token generator :
    2. In the tag Auth choose type Basic Auth and set up your login/Password
    3. Send your request
    4. Get your valid token
    B Request to the method call
    1. Choose Post and add the url
    2. Add in the tag Headers the key Content-Type with Value text/xml and Key SoapAction and Value the url for call method you need. For example
    3. In the Tag Body choose raw format and paste your call API

Or you can directly download collection


  • Install SoapUI

    For install SoapUI you do download it here and just follow step next

  • Add new Soap project

    Once installed, file new Soap project with url for prod environnement

  • Add new project to generate token
    1. Add new Project Rest and fill the URL
    2. In the Request 1 in the tag Auth choose Authorization Add new Authorization and type Basic
    3. Renseign your login-api, the password, choose Autenticate pre-emptively and send

Or you can directly download project and token project