August 2019

Create a API ticket on your sellershp :

click here (then Help > Contact us > API)

Book a call for API support : click here

Read the API Documentation : click here


Have your API partners already filled his UserName Tag ? Indeed, in the header of each method, the UserName tag must be filled with the name of your program which use the API connection (integrator, logistic solution, payment solution…).

Your next step depending on who you are :

  • If you’re a seller using a API solution, please contact your partners to fill it.
  • If you’re an integrator, pricer, logistic solution… please put your name in the username tag.
  • If you develop the API by yourself, please fill the name of your company.

When using API for orders and catalog management, the sellers do not log very often in their seller’s backoffice to check on their quality rates. If you want to be constantly aware of your activity and create a warning system, do not hesitate to use the GetSellerIndicators method/functionality.

Do you know if your shop is put in default or in holiday mode ? Do you know which delivery modes you have activated in order to set well your offers package ? Do you know if you have activated Cdiscount (B2C) and/or Cdiscount Pro (B2B) ? GetSellerInformation will give you the answer :

March 2019


Logistics type management


From April, sellers will have a new option allowing them to impose the publication of an offer in status delivered by the seller or in status fulfilment on demand, even if some stocks are currently stored in Cdiscount's warehouses. Fulfilment sellers will be able to choose the logistics mode for each of their offers by using the LogisticsManagement attribute in their offer file. By default, we will first continue to sell the products stored in our warehouses.


SoldOut Management


In order to facilitate the transition between the different logistics modes and to prevent the display of stock offers as "soldout", we will make available an option allowing to put the declared stock for sale (in the seller's warehouse) as soon as the quantity stored in our warehouses is out of stock. To activate this feature, you must add the optional attribute SoldOutManagement in your Offers.xml file with the value 1. If you set this attribute with the value 0 or if you remove this attribute from your file, the feature will be disabled.


Stock Management


To help you improve and optimize your stock management the method GetProductStockList has been Upgraded. From W15 you will have a better visibility on your activity. Information about different statuses of your stock will be added, and sales indicators and details on your fees will be made available. In addition, you will able to focus information on different typologies of stock: - ShippableStock / BlockedStock / SoldOut


Multi-model product creation


You have requesting this, and it will be soon available: From this summer, you will be able to create your products with many more attributes depending on the category of your product (e.g.: screen size for a computer, number of seats for a sofa,...). You will be able to provide more information in your product sheets and increase their quality to develop your business. No modifications, you will use the existing method (GetModelList) BUT it will return you a new model and the list of associated attributes according to the category. More details to come.