Add a secondary API account

How to create a secondary API account ?

Tutorial for create a secondary API account

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In order to improve the safety of your API account, you now have the option to create secondary API account with your new API login and password to your back office. You are now able to work with your secondary API account whererer your principal API account. At the difference with secondary Seller Account, you can not have the option to limit the access for your secondary API account to your back office. From this moment, you’ll become the Administrator of your secondary API account Cdiscount Marketplace.

Add a new user API

You wish to add a new user API ? It’s very simple !

  1. Connect to your seller’s space here
  2. Go to Settings / User Rights management
  3. Click on “Add a new user”
  4. Fill out your new API login, password. After validation, your login will be follow by “-api”
  5. Confirm your new API password
    For security, your API password must contain:
    – 8 to 30 characters
    – At least one lowercase letter and one capital letter
    – A number
    – A special characters among =/ |.-_~^@!#$%?*€,;:)(&. It must not contain symbols <>

If you are working with an integrator, give him your API username and password and ask him to use them to connect to your Cdiscount account.

Create a new API token

In order to test your API connection, you can try to create a token with your new API identifiers of your secondary API account.

User API accounts management

You have the possibility to make 2 types of actions on the API user accounts of your back office :

    • Reset the API password to this functionality either because your staff forgot it or for safety reasons. The API user won’t be able to connect himself until you give him a new one.
      Do not forget to change your token with your new API password otherwise your secondary API account could be blocked.

    • Delete the API user account.

Do not forget that the sales support is at your disposal for all your requests using the « Help » section at the top right of your sales area.

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