Cdiscount Fulfilment

  • Take advantage of our logistics (reception, preparation, delivery) and customer relations management
  • Increase the visibility of your products on the site
  • Make savings
  • For more details, please follow the link

    Step 1 : Create an offer

    This functionality is detailed in the dedicated chapter

    Step 2 : Fulfilment products activation

    First of all, you have to activate your products in Fulfilment by using the SubmitFulfilmentActivation method. This step consists on a 'one shot' communication to our logistics services of the weight and dimensions (width + length + height) of each concerned product that you are willing to activate.
    Please be careful on the veracity of the submitted on this information as they will defined the Cdiscount warehouse to supply.
    Activation is limit to 10 000 products.
    The status of your activation request can be checked by using the GetFulfilmentActivationReportList method.

    Step 3 : How to entrust your products to Cdiscount Fulfilment

    To entrust your products to Cdiscount Fulfilment service, you need simply to create a supply order.
    To do so, please refer to the SubmitFulfilmentSupplyOrder method to send your SupplyOrder requests.
    In return, you will obtain a DepositID, to follow your request status by using the GetFulfilmentSupplyOrderReportList method.
    Your supply order is well created when you obtain a SupplyOrderNumber.

    Finally, all you have to do is to print the delivery note relative to your supply order and attach it to your shipment. To do this, the GetFulfilmentDeliveryDocument method is at your disposal

    Following your shipment, you can track the receipt and processing of your supply order using the GetFulfilmentSupplyOrder method

    Please have a special attention on the Cdiscount warehouse to supply : Pick the warehouse based on the size of your products
    - "SMALL PARCEL" : All products weighing 30 kg or less AND with dimension (width + length + height) < 2 meters
    - "LARGE PARCEL" : All products weighing between 30 kg (included) and 180 kg OR with dimension (width + length + height) >= 2 meters

    For small parcels, please supply our Cestas warehouse (WarehouseType : CEM).
    For large parcels, you can supply our Andrézieux (WarehouseType : ANZ) or Saint-Mard warehouse (WarehouseType : SMD).

    Step 3 bis : How to work with Cdiscount Fulfilment on Demand

    Fulfilment on Demand is a specific cross docking offer by Cdiscount. You deliver the products to our warehouses when the customer places a new order.

    First of all, you have to activate your products in Fulfilment.

    Then publish your offers as usual. Click here for more info on this.

    To identify new Fulfilment On Demand orders, please use the GetFulfilmentOrderListToSupply method.

    Our supply order request need to created by using the specific SubmitFulfilmentOnDemandSupplyOrder method
    To confirm your ability to supply ordered products, please follow the same step as described in the previous section.