Offer integration


Offer Package Submission error codes

Properties codes

Properties codes Meanings
01 EAN
02 Product status
03 Seller product reference
04 SKU
05 Stock
06 Price
07 VAT
08 Eco part
09 Min shipping time
10 Max shipping time
11 Shipping fee - Standard mode
12 Shipping fee - Tracked mode
13 Shipping fee - Registered mode
14 Offers comment
15 Additional Shipping fee - Standard mode
16 Additional Shipping fee - Tracked mode
17 Additional Shipping fee - Registered mode
18 Reference price
19 Promotion type
20 Promotion type - Start date
21 Promotion type - Start hour
22 Promotion type - End date
23 Package
24 Product
25 Promotion type - End Hour
26 Discount %
27 Sales Reference Price
28 Offer
29 Delivery charges - Mode Immediate Withdrawal
30 Additional Delivery Fee - Immediate Withdrawal Mode
31 DEA
40 Store delivery
41 Store delivery - Min shipping time
42 Store delivery - Max shipping time
43 Store delivery - shipping fee
44 Store delivery - Additional shipping fee
45 Home delivery
46 Lowest allowable price
48 Mondial Relay pick up - Min shipping time
49 Mondial Relay pick up - Shipping fee
50 Mondial Relay pick up - Shipping fee
51 Mondial Relay pick up - Additional shipping fee
52 Relais colis pick up
53 Relais colis pick up - Min shipping time
54 Relais colis pick up - Max shipping time
55 Relais colis pick up - Shipping fee
56 Relais colis pick up - Additional shipping fee
57 SoColissimo pick up
58 SoColissimo pick up - Min shipping time
59 SoColissimo pick up - Max shipping time
60 SoColissimo pick up - Shipping fee
61 SoColissimo pick up - Additional shipping fee
62 Packaging unit
63 Product packaging
64 Fullfilment

Error codes

Error codes Meanings
10 Required field, please enter data
11 Incorrect data format, check the required format
12 Data incorrect length, check the required format
13 Non existent - Request its creation in the "product creation" section of the seller interface
14 Product already known
15 Ask permission to sell this product to the seller support
16 Invalid key, check EAN
17 Incorrect value as greater than the maximum value, check the consistency of values
17 Incorrect value as lower than the minimum value, check the consistency of values
18 Not enough stock relative to pending orders
19 Incorrect value, price lower than or equal to €0
20 Incorrect value, reference price lower than 0,10€
21 Error occurred during integration
23 Incorrect value, reference price lower than the sale price
24 A offer already exists for this produit with another reference, impossible to modify, please use the old reference
25 Seller reference already used for another EAN or another produit condition. Please change your reference
26 End date/time earlier than Start date/time
27 Products with variations (size/colour): to be created for your seller account in the "product creation"
28 Offer already submitted and awaiting processing
29 Price {0} is an amount lower than the eco part + DEA
30 Reference unknown. You must create your product before putting an offer, or put an offer on an existing product using the EAN
31 You have several products with the reference seller. Please use the EAN
32 Off (being activated), the offer is on hold, it will be published in the hour
34 Existing but not open to the marketplace. Please contact the sellersupport
35 Value greater than the permitted ceiling 30.00
36 This offer does not exist and can not be updated. You must first create
39 Fulfillment: Product dereferenced of Fulfillment with stock> 0. You must take all your products on our warehouse before reactivating this offer
40 Not configured - You must set the {0} Mode "in the section" Your shipping choices "before entering the file data
43 Not accessible to your subscription
44 Thank you to first take back your stock ....
45 Non-salable only
48 Several eans match the product, please contact the account manager
80 Offer created
90 Offer updated