Set up your account


Once the creation of your account is validated, you need to set-up the general parameters:

  • The shipping modes you propose
  • The API credentials

Shipping modes

You necessarily need to choose shipping modes. These shipping modes will be proposed on a part or on your whole online shop in Cdiscount’s website.

To choose your delivery mode, please go into your Cdiscount Marketplace interface : Settings > Your shipping choices


API credentials

To protect your private information available into your SellerZone account, the connection settings have been dissociated with the API connection settings. Thus, to access the API you need to set your API credentials before any use.

Please set-up both settings in your Sellershop : Settings > Your personal settings and bank details > Change your API connection settings




IP address & “Preprod” environment availability

Your IP Addresses need to be static and declare in order to be allowed the access to our preproduction system (environment you have to use to perform your tests).
Could you please send us your IP Addresses by using our ticketing system, that is accessible through the “Help” menu on the header of your interface and choose the parameters as indicated below:





– Case type : API

– Sub-type : Authentification – Autorisation IP