How to manage your customer relationship


Communications and actions

Communication Seller / Customer

– Communication before sale : The customer can contact the seller about an offer on the Front website (Question about delivery mode, associated services, …)

– Proactive communication about orders : The seller can notice the customer about his order

– Claim about orders : The customer can contact the seller about an order through his customer space.


Seller actions

– Refund : the seller can make a refund about an order totaly or product one by one

– Commercial gesture : the seller can make a refund of free amount



How to coordinate my communication and action


Main workflow


1- Identify customers cases

You can identify the customers cases by 2 ways :

– Get the order with claims : use the method GetOrderList

– Get the messages from the customer about the orders : use the method GetOrderClaimList

so you can integrate all these discussions in your system


2 – Get the email address of the customer

To answer to your customer, you need an email address related to the discussion. This information is available by using the method GetDiscussionMailList.

Otherwise to only contact a customer without any claims you can get an address directly in the GetOrderList response.

The email address looks like : and is valid during 4 weeks.


3 – Send answer to the customer by email

Use your email tool to answer to the question. your answer will be recorded in our system


4 – Refund the customer

To refund the customer before shipment : use the method ValidateOrderList by noticing the right status of the concerning order line

To refund the customer after shipment : use the method CreateRefundVoucher to refund a specific order line or the whole order

To refund the customer for a commercial gesture : use the method CreateRefundVoucher whenever you want to refund a free amount

The customer will receive an email when the refund is proceed


5 – Close the discussion

When your actions are done, close the discussion by using the method CloseDiscussionList