Which actions I have to do

In this section, we will explain the best practices to proceed the order



The main workflow

1 – Get your orders

Get your orders to know which action you have to do

The main method you have to use is GetOrderList


Following your own issues, you can :

  • make a call for each kind of orders

– Get all the order to validate

– Get all the order to ship

  • make a call to get the orders which had update from the last call



2 – Push your orders actions

All the actions you have to do (Validation, Refusing orders, Confirm shipment, …) have to be call with the method ValidateOrderList


Validation :

To validate an order, your action will be to declare for each order line if you accept or refuse the order line.

The Order status will be deduce from the order lines information.


Confirm Shipment :

To confirm shipment of an order, you have to

– declare for each order line if you shipp or refund the order line.

– declare the tracking information of the parcel : Parel number, Carrier name (please use the right declaration of the carrier available in the method GetglobalInformation), Tracking link


For specific actions after shipment, refer to How to manage your customer relationship


3 – Check your actions result

Call your orders to check that the actions you made updated the order

Use the method GetOrderList