What's an offer?

An offer represents the commercial offer made by a seller to a product. Thus, a seller can have a catalog of offers but an offer is only defined on one product
Note: a seller can have multiple offers on the same SKU in different states (New, Used Good ...)


How to create or update your offers

Three ways are described below, and need to be submit by using the SubmitOfferPackage method.

Only the content of the offer Xml packages need to be adapted.

Note : Packages have to be available in a storage space accessible through a web link, without any login/password connection




This method provide you an easy way to update only the stock and the price of one or more of your offers. By using this method, you don't have to remind all details of each each offers. The full update method allow you to : - create one or more new offers - update one, several or your whole catalog of offers This method is proposed to clean up your catalog offers. Sequentially, your catalog of offers

will be emptied of all its offers, then refilled with ONLY the deals present in your package.

All offers which will not be present in your package of offers will be unpublished Please use this method sparingly and prefer as much as possible the use of the full update method.

How to manager your offers ?

Process of update / creation offers

An offer must contain the following details :

  • The product's reference
  • Specific Seller identification
  • Price
  • Available stock

However, you have the option to further configure your offers, thanks to a list of specifications. Here are the main additional criteria :

  • Product condition : does your offer refer to a new or used product ?
  • Flash sale : publish a reduction during a short time, in order to boost your volume of orders.
  • Sales : during legal sales periods, publication of your offer to which a reduction rate has been applied
  • Price alignment : our system can align your selling price, to always offered the lowest price in our Marketplace. In addition, the parameter setting a floor price will allow you to keep control of the lowest selling price.