Let’s start with a short definition : A seller is a company that has a product resale activity through the platform C le Marché.
For more information on the actions needed to create a new seller, thank you to check out the following link : Subscribe a new seller account


Seller status

A seller may present different status.

The main status are:

  • Active: the seller is available to have his business activity through the marketplace
  • In vacations: The seller declare to be on vacation. This status allows temporarily not to present its offers to the marketplace customers and thus avoid receiving commands he would be unable to treat. However, this status allows to fully manage its offers.


To put your account into vacation mode, go to your Cdiscount Marketplace web interface : Settings > Your store settings






Seller’s performance indicators

In accordance with our quality improvement measures, we are focusing especially on the Quality of Service offered by our MarketPlace Sellers.

That is the reason why some indicators are available to check your performance, at several levels :


  • Orders monitoring (for example: product shipping rate, delivery date accuracy rate, …)
  • Customer satisfaction (for example: orders with claim rate, orders with refund rate, …)


We recommend you to have a special daily attention to these indicators in order to keep a quality compliant level and avoid any sanction.

To consult you performance indicators you can refer to the GetSellerIndicators method.


Please note that in order to protect the customer, the Hosting Website will be entitled to remove partially or totally your offers in case of uncompliant rate over the last 30 or 60 days of operation.

More details on the terms and conditions.