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Welcome to Cdiscount Marketplace API documentation website.

This website is oriented for a general audience interested in the Cdiscount Marketplace’s Application Programming Interface (API), so if you are a computer programmer, a store manager or even a aggregator. The main objective is to provide you information about API’s operation, in both levels global and technical . That is the reason why we start by defining quickly Cdiscount Marketplace and the role of its API

What is Cdiscount Marketplace ?

Cdiscount Marketplace is the name given to the market place of Cdiscount, one of the most powerful market places in France.
For more information on the market place, please consult the following website 

Why use an API  ?

By connecting your Information System (IS) to our API you will gain agility, quality and responsiveness to your customers

What are the main purposes of the API?

Our API will allow you to automatically manage your offers, orders, customer questions and claims, etc.

Need to have more informations about our API ?

You can book an appointment with our engineer on our new online planning available here

Sales Summer 2018

Do not miss Cdiscount sales!

  • Millions of visitors who come to track down offers on sales
  • Millions of products sold during this period
  • Increased visibility of your offers thanks to a different signage

Find out how to parameter your offers with the API here (page 6).


Dear partner,

Our services have detected an increase in phishing malicious operations on the Internet. This technique is used by fraudsters to obtain personal information in order to perpetrate identity theft on the Internet. As a marketplace merchant, we advise you to be particularly vigilant.

For this reason we remind you of the following safety principles :

  • Never communicate your Seller Store loggin to a third party,
  • Change your password regularly,
  • Do not use a password that is being used elsewhere,
  • If a member of your teams leaves the company, change the password,
  • Use up-to-date antivirus software and activate its firewall,
  • Be very careful in case of receiving an email whose sender is unknown or whose content is questionable.

As a precautionary measure, we invite you to change your password in your Seller Store.

If you have any questions, you can contact us via the Help section of the Seller Store.

Thank you for your attention.

The Cdiscount Marketplace team

>> API Connections security <<

The API connections, based on the SellerShop login/password will be refused soon. From now, we kindly recommend to generate your token based on the specific API login/password

In case of you are working with an aggregator, make sure you have inform him about your new API credentials.

API Fulfilment

The old API Fulfilment will be made obsolete on September, 30th 2017. If you still interact with this API, you need to adapt your calls soon, by easily modifying the call WSDL :

New WSDL to use : https://wsvc.cdiscount.com/MarketplaceAPIService.svc?wsdl

3044 – New Fulfilment API methods :

As you are more and more to work with our Fulfillment services, the API is enhanced by several new methods.

By using these news methods, you will be able to manage your supply orders, products’ activations, Fulfilment On demand orders acceptations or downloading of the delivery documents

More détails …

QW0190 – GetOfferListPaginated : identify if you are the BestOffer

A new parameter will be added in return of the GetOfferListPaginated method to help you to identify if you propose the best Cdiscount Market place offer.

2699-01 : GetAllowedCategoryTree and GetAllAllowedCategoryTree : Product kind eligibility :

Continuing to improve the referencing of products on the webite, the product kind (Standard or Variant) will depend on the category (Ex : Variant compulsory on clothing).

Categories can accept product kind this way :

– Standard only

– Variant only

– Standard or variant

For several months, this control was manual. It will soon be automated.

The list of authorized product kind by category will be available in the GetAllowedCategoryTree and GetAllAllowedCategoryTree with the attributes CategoryTree.IsStandardProductKindEligible / CategoryTree.IsVariantProductKindEligible

Products that do not comply with the rules will be rejected with a message like Nature of product : Variant mandatory on this category, please fill Parent sku, size and marketing color and can be consulted in the method: GetProductPackageSubmissionResult


Issue Status Planned Workaround
We meet at present a network dysfunction which impacts on the good integration of offers and products. Our technical teams are mobilized on the subject. SOLVED T2 2018
We encountering two problems, a slowness of rise and update of orders.
The impacted sellers will be excluded from the evaluations about their quality of service won't be impacted.
SOLVED T2 2018
A maintenance of our API documentation will be planned on 20 June​ between 7am and 10am. SOLVED T2 2018
Following our deployment May 30th in the morning, we encountering instability in the updating of offers and orders for API method SubmitOfferPackage and ValidateOrderList.​ SOLVED T2 2018
Timeout on GetOfferListPaginated IN PROGRESS T1 2018
Product integration stopped, you will get a quota error until it is solved IN PROGRESS W4 2018
Problem to get the shipping address on GetOrderList method SOLVED 04/09/2017
Timeout on GetAllModelList method IN PROGRESS Not defined use the GetModelList method
Timeout on GetProductList IN PROGRESS Not defined  use the GetProductListByIdentifyer method

A new version of API interface is available.
You can test it now :

Product GetAllAllowedCategoryTree SubmitProductPackage GetAllowedCategoryTree
GetAllModelList GetModelList GetProductList
GetBrandList GetProductPackageSubmissionResult GetProductPackageMatchingFileData GetProductListByIdentifier
Offer SubmitOfferPackage GetofferPackageSubmissionResult
GetOfferList GetOfferListPaginated
Order GetOrderList ValidateOrderList
Discussion GetOrderClaimList GetOfferQuestionList
CloseDiscussionList GetDiscussionMailList
Seller GetSellerInformation GetSellerIndicators GetGlobalConfiguration
FBC CreateExternalOrder GetExternalOrderStatus GetProductStockList
GetFulfilmentActivationReportList GetFulfilmentDeliveryDocument GetFulfilmentOrderListToSupply
GetFulfilmentSupplyOrder GetFulfilmentSupplyOrderReportList SubmitFulfilmentActivation
SubmitFulfilmentOnDemandSupplyOrder SubmitFulfilmentSupplyOrder SubmitOfferStateAction


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