API REST is available now

This API SOAP will be deprecated soon.

If you are interested in getting access to our new REST API, click here.

Why use an API?

By connecting your Information System (IS) to our API you will gain agility, quality and responsiveness to your customers

What are the main purposes of the API?

Our API will allow you to automatically manage your offers, orders, customer questions and claims, etc.

How to set your preparation times ?

To change your preparation time, use the “SubmitOfferPackage” method using full update only.

Learn more about this method by clicking here.

If you use an integrator, our partners have been informed of this change, we recommend you to contact them if you have any questions.

Offers with a preparation time superior than 5 working days will be automatically unpublished from the 24th of June 2020.

Preproduction planning

March 2021


April 2021

Available Not available
Issue Status Planned Workaround
We meet currently a problem to update offers in StockAndPrice mode by API using SubmitOfferPackage. This issue will be resolved W46. DONE W46
We meet currently a problem to get products information using our API method GetProductListByIdentifier from S29. Our technical teams are mobilized on the subject. DONE T3 2020
We meet currently a problem to update offers by API from SubmitOfferPackage from S28. This error message appears: Stock: Not enough stock compared to pending orders. Our technical teams are mobilized on the subject. DONE T3 2020
We meet currently a problem to get data from GetOfferPackageSubmissionResult by API from S26. Our technical teams are mobilized on the subject. DONE T2 2020
We meet currently a problem of publication of offers by API. This error message appears: ‘Publication site: Your offer has not been updated because you must specify all the sites on which your offer is published’. The problem has been identified and is being corrected by our teams. DONE T2 2020
Use our API interface for quickly access
GetAllowedCategoryTree GetModelList GetBrandList
SubmitProductPackage GetProductPackageSubmissionResult
GetProductPackageMatchingFileData GetProductListByIdentifier GetProductList
SubmitOfferPackage GetofferPackageSubmissionResult
GetOfferList GetOfferListPaginated
GetOrderList ValidateOrderList
GetOrderClaimList GetOfferQuestionList CloseDiscussionList GetDiscussionMailList
GetSellerInformation GetSellerIndicators GetGlobalConfiguration
CreateExternalOrder GetExternalOrderStatus GetProductStockList
GetFulfilmentActivationReportList GetFulfilmentDeliveryDocument GetFulfilmentOrderListToSupply
GetFulfilmentSupplyOrder GetFulfilmentSupplyOrderReportList SubmitFulfilmentActivation
SubmitFulfilmentOnDemandSupplyOrder SubmitFulfilmentSupplyOrder SubmitOfferStateAction

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